If you are looking for support with gifted students in your classroom or as a parent, resources on understanding gifted students, or articles to share with colleagues and friends, please browse the following resources.

Ohio Department of Education

ODE Gifted Education
ODE revised Operating Standards for Identifying and Serving Students Who Are Gifted
ODE Academic Acceleration for Advanced Learners

Ohio Association for Gifted Children

OAGC Teacher Division Homepage
OAGC Parent Division Homepage

National Association for Gifted Children

NAGC Homepage

Gifted in the Regular Classroom

Gifted Students in your Class
Ian Byrd's Gifted Education Blog

Gifted Students - Myths v Facts

Video produced by high school students reflecting on the myths of gifted education.

21st Century Skills

Framework for 21st Century Learning

Habits of Mind

Integrating the 16 Habits of Mind
Teaching Strategies: Habits of Mind

Project Based Learning

Project Based Learning Guidance
The Basics of Project Based Learning
20 Time - 20% of Class Time Spent on Projects

Northwestern University - Center for Talent Development


University of Connecticut - NEAG Center for Creativity, Gifted Education, and Talent Development

Research based resources
Newsletters 1990-2013
Additional Resources links

Social Emotional Support

Important Non-Academic Skills


8 Things to Know About Creativity

Uniquely Gifted Populations

Affirming Culturally Different Gifted Students
Identifying and Nurturing the Gifted Poor
The Varied Faces of Gifted/Talented Students
Gifted Students from Diverse Populations
Twice Exceptional Students
ODE Twice Exceptional Guide