Gifted Identification

The District shall identify enrolled students in grades kindergarten through twelve, who may be gifted in one or more of the following areas:

  • Superior cognitive ability
  • Specific academic ability in one or more of the following content areas: mathematics, reading/writing, science, and/or social studies
  • Creative thinking ability
  • Visual or performing arts ability such as drawing, painting, sculpting, music, dance, or drama

  • Gifted, creative and talented children can be identified through a process that includes group and individual testing using Ohio Department of Education (ODE) approved assessment instruments.
  • The district provides two opportunities a year for gifted screening/identification of students.
  • All tests are administered by trained and qualified personnel.
  • Interpretive services, non-verbal assessments and other allowable modifications are available to students with disabilities and/or English Language Learners (ELL).
  • Notification of results is shared with parents within a timely fashion.
  • A student transferring into the district will be eligible for placement evaluation procedures within a timely manner based upon request.
  • The district accepts test scores of assessment instruments approved for use by ODE provided by other school districts and/or trained personnel outside the school district administered within 24 months of the date submitted.
  • Parents have the right to appeal any identification or placement decisions. Parents should first appeal to the building principal who may consult with the gifted services staff and coordinator to make decisions regarding placement. If the parent is not satisfied with the decision of the building level team, they may appeal to the Chief Academic Officer.
  • Students are identified gifted in an academic area with an achievement score at the 95th percentile or above on an ODE approved nationally-normed, standardized test.
  • Students are identified cognitively gifted with a score at or above two standard deviations above the mean, minus the standard error of measure, on an approved cognitive abilities test per the Ohio Department of Education.
  • Students are identified in creativity or the visual/performing arts through procedures established by the Ohio Department of Education.
  • Gifted identification in Ohio - once identified gifted, always gifted (grades KG - 12).
  • Gifted identification does not equate to gifted service; in Ohio school districts may determine the criteria for placement into gifted service.

Whole grade assessment screening is administered as follows:

  • Grades 2,4 and 6: Cognitive Abilities Test such as OLSAT, InView, or CogAT
  • Grades 1 - 8: Mathematics (MAP tests)
  • Grades 1 - 8: Reading (MAP tests)
  • Grades 9 - 12: PSAT, SAT and ACT
  • Parents, teachers, administrators, and students have the right to request referral testing twice a year (fall and spring) for the purposes of gifted identification. Referral forms for fall and spring testing are located on the gifted services website or can be made available in various languages upon request.