Information for parents, guardians, and families that are moving into or are new to Dublin City Schools:

When your child is registered and enrolled within Dublin City Schools through our central office new student registration process, the parent/guardian has the opportunity to indicate that their child has a previous gifted identification and/or is participating in a gifted service within their previous school district. In Ohio, local school districts may determine their own gifted service model and gifted service criteria for placement. It is important for parents/guardians to understand that gifted service within one school district may not be, nor must be, the same at any or all school districts within Ohio or the country.

Recommended first step is to make sure that all of your child’s nationally normed standardized testing records be included in the documentation sent from the previous school district to our district. Once records have been received within your child's new school building, the GIS or myself reviews these for test administration and scores that meet the gifted identification criteria established by the Ohio Department of Education. It may also be helpful to call the DCS office of gifted services at 614-760-4350 to share information and clarify any questions regarding your child and gifted services placement within Dublin City Schools.

Assessment scores identifying a student as gifted within the state of Ohio are accepted; in Ohio, once identified gifted always gifted. If moving from out of state, the assessments must have been administered within the past twenty-four months in order for those to be considered valid. If further testing is needed, you may contact our office or we will contact you. Upon the request for further testing, if it does not fall within our referral period, the district has ninety days to complete the administration of assessment(s).

Most important to keep in mind is that class size for our cog pullout and cog ed gifted services is a maximum of twenty students per class period. There may be cog services pullout classes that are capped due to this ODE requirement.