Planning the design, format, and implementation of this personal learning network (PLN) has been one of the most beneficial activities that I have encountered while working on the M. Ed. program through Ashland University. As soon as I was informed of my role with our district’s new community professional development/communication opportunity, Parent University, I knew that the development of a wiki concentrating on gifted education would be an important communication tool.

I have many goals built into the construction of this wiki. Professionally I have set a communication goal due to the number of questions and misinformation generated within my district with respect to gifted services. Parents, staff, administrators, and other community members contact me weekly asking a variety of questions. This gifted services and resources wiki will be an important source for accurate, timely information. This wiki can also be an additional layer of support that community members need.

As I worked on the development of the wiki, I gave thought to multiple perspectives, such as what will a teacher or parent need. If someone is new to our district, what will be most helpful to that parent or student? As I re-evaluate the wiki and receive feedback, I look forward to making the necessary changes and edits. This has been and will continue to be a creative and critical thinking model embracing our P21 initiatives and support for a culture of growing thinkers.

This wiki is also an additional support for parents and educators with respect to gifted education and services. The most frequently posed question is, "How can I best support my child?" Research and experience emphasize continuously supporting your child's strengths along with addressing areas of need. I also recommend the use of journaling to develop a child's written and creative expression. This process supports the development of communication and critical thinking skills. Reading and writing are the foundation of all academic and career pursuits.