Jill Abraham Director of Elementary Education Central Office
Melanie Anderson Math Teacher Karrer Middle School
Mike Aurin Assistant Principal Jerome High School
Rich Baird Principal Sells Middle School
Julie Blevins Science Teacher Scioto High School
Erin Bissell Math Teacher Davis Middle School
Monica Campana Intervention Specialist Grizzell Middle School
Toby Carpenter Science Teacher Karrer Middle School
Ally Casale School Counselor Grizzell Middle School
Lenore Cereghini Student Services Coordinator Middle Schools/Central Office
Kim Clavin STEM Manager Central Office/Karrer
Heather Coleman PTO/Parent Grizzell Middle School
Bethany Cybak Math Teacher Jerome High School
Missy Fisher School Counselor Sells Middle School
Rachel Gearhart Math Teacher Grizzell Middle School
Todd Hardesty Math Teacher Scioto High School
Craig Heath Director of Data & Assessment Central Office
Mandy Heath Science Teacher Davis Middle School
Kathy Hockenberry PTO/Parent Karrer Middle School
Larry Hohman Science Teacher Grizzell Middle School
Heather Hunt Math Teacher Sells Middle School
Christina Hutchison Math Teacher Coffman High School
Sue Hutras PTO/Parent Davis Middle School
Brian Lidle Principal Davis Middle School
Lori Marple Math Teacher Coffman High School
Becka Mayr PTO/Parent Sells Middle School
Dustin Miller Principal Grizzell Middle School
Tracey Miller Director of Secondary Education Central Office
Mark Mousa Principal Karrer Middle School
Marge Mulcahy Gifted Coordinator Central Office
June Murnieks School Counselor Coffman High School
Pauline Nemecek School Counselor Karrer Middle School
Donna Parker Science Teacher Coffman High School
Sue Parnell Science Teacher Sells Middle School
Tonya Ramey Director of Academics Tolles Career & Technical Center
Bill Reimer Facilitator Educational Service Center of Central Ohio
Mandy Reutzel 5th Grade Teacher Bailey Elementary School
Jon Richardson Science Teacher Coffman High School
Janet Rinefierd Principal Indian Run Elementary School
Peggy Russell School Counselor Jerome High School
Allison Sampson School Counselor Scioto High School
Sondra Snodgrass Science Teacher Jerome High School
Eydie Schilling Executive Director Learning & Teaching Central Office
Forrest Trisler Assistant Principal Scioto High School
Nicole Tyo Student Services Coordinator High Schools/Central Office
Mike Ulring Principal Coffman High School
Paula Verikoff Instructional Specialist Wyandot Elementary School
Mike Voss Chief Technology Officer Central Office
Kerri Ward Intervention Specialist Scioto High School
Dustin White School Counselor Davis Middle School